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A song I recently did vocals on with a buddy. Give it a listen.

I’m curious, so I’ll run a little experiment



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Just now getting into Stray From The Path and I’m wondering where in my life I fucked up so bad that I wouldn’t have listened to these guys sooner. 


Ya know, I may not be the most talented person. I may not be the most influential person. I may not be the most dedicated, hard working, responsible, rich, intelligent, gifted, whatever! person. But I have a determination and a drive to achieve my dreams like no other. I may be the shittiest screamer you’ve ever heard, but I promise you one day I’ll be on stage in front of hundreds of kids every night for months on end. I’ll look out into a crowd and I’ll understand all of the faces looking back at me. The ones eager to hear me scream at them, the ones waiting for the next band to play, the ones that may be talking shit about me as I’m screaming. I’ll get away from all of the bullshit I’ve gone through in my childhood. I will make a name for myself and I’ll do it by being comfortable with who I am and what I plan to achieve. I don’t want to, nor will I ever, give into the wants/needs/opinions/criticisms of others. You may not like the way I dress, act, talk, laugh, work, play, sit, breathe, etc. But I can promise you that you expressing your opinion isn’t going to make me give into it and change the person I’m comfortable with being. I’ll be able to look back at my life one day and say that I lived the best life I could, and that I’m proud of every decision I made and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ll be able to look at all the people who either contributed to the person I became in a positive or negative way and think of all the things they did that built me into the person I am and the person I thought I would be. All the people who put me down, talked shit about me, tried to lower my morale, any of that.  

Basically, what I’m getting at here is I believe in myself and my endeavors and that’s all that really matters to me. I’m comfortable with the person that I am, the person I’m aspiring to be, and anything else that may come. My question to you is, if you’re reading this and you find that you don’t feel comfortable with yourself, why the fuck not? Make changes. Cut people out of your life. Make improvements within yourself. Change the things you’re doing in life. Just make sure that you’re a happy person by just being you. Because if you’re not happy with you, what can you really be happy with.

Just my thoughts.

I’m posting this here because I don’t check this blog often enough to care about the shit I’ll get for this post. But here goes.

Tonight I was working at my shitty Pizza job and saw a cute girl who eventually came to the register while I was working it to pay. I cashed her out and told her, “You’re quite pretty, have a wonderful night.” just like that she chose to respond with “Yeah, thanks asshole.” Now, I was being genuine with her, not sarcastic or anything of that nature. And before you get angry at this post, let me explain myself.

I am not angry at womankind for this, not by any means, but I see plenty of girls say things such as “Oh, I wish guys would compliment me in public.” or “I’m so ugly, no one tells me I’m cute.” I realize, this doesn’t span the entirety of women on the earth, so please don’t say that I’m generalizing. In this specific instance, I was just telling someone that I thought they were pretty and I feel I was met with fairly uncalled for rudeness. 

Yeah, I don’t know what kind of day she was having. I don’t know how many assholes have hit on her today, or how they’ve hit on her. Maybe she just doesn’t like being complimented. I don’t know, and I accept that. BUT, here’s what I don’t accept. When a random act of kindness is met with disrespect. I don’t feel that I deserved to be called an asshole for trying to be kind. Sure, she didn’t owe me a thing, but why should I be called an asshole because other guys in the world hit on girls in an asshole-ish way? Why am I the bad guy for trying to do something kind for someone who I don’t even know? 

I’ve had a pretty shitty week, and yet I still find it in my heart to try and brighten someone’s day. So yeah, this ends my rant that I know I’ll get shit for. So, bring it.

"I could trace the lines on your skin
For hours on end.
Creating the perfect map.
I’ll turn to these memories when all alone.
When you’re miles away and too far from the phone.
The scariest thought, to be so honest
Is forgetting your smell.
Oh, that scent still puts my mind at rest.
And it still makes me laugh, the way you’d hide your face
Or curl your lips,
When I’d speak your name with benevolent grace.
But those lines, from your face to your feet
Still haunt me in my dreams.
long since faded are your voice and your scent.
Your presence is no longer here.
But I can still make my way along your skin.
And I will, again and again."

- Lines - Matt Fulcher


how my emotions work


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Made one of these monstrosities, ask me stuff.

I hate my dad. Fucking druggie piece of shit. Gotta spend $200+ on a new PA system and speakers. Not to mention listening to him say how badly he just wanted to die. You won’t fucking do it dad, you don’t have the balls.